Reasons Why Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Are Inhuman

Since time immemorial horses are used to draw carriages. Irrespective of the weather they are forced to work at times in inhuman conditions. When the horses are not working they are enclosed in stalls where they hardly have space to stretch their legs or lie down. This is the sad reality of the life of the horses who are forced to do hard labor. Some of the reasons to put an end to this cold-blooded act are listed below:

1. Horses pull heavy carriages even in extreme weather conditions, while snowing or in the blazing sun. Sometimes they are forced to work around heavy traffic, with loud horns and busy stress, making them feel terrified. Remember horses are very sensitive to loud noise and busy traffic, sometimes these creatures get hurt or even killed.
2. You can find endless incidents of carriages being hit and horses injured due to the carelessness of the drivers. Accidents happen in every city and the carriages are still allowed on roads.
3. The animals are gentle creatures and are left to suffer from respiratory disorders as they inhale the carbon monoxide from the exhaust of the vehicles. They also develop debilitating leg diseases due to walking on tough surfaces. There are instances where they drop dead due to heatstroke, carrying heavy load during the hot summer heat.
4. Horses are forced to pull heavy load across the globe and in this journey they sustain injuries from light to serious ones. Some of them are forced to work day in and day out without intervals or even medical care.
5. When the horses grow old they become too tired to work yet they are not allowed to retire or to have loving homes. It is a general believe that it is expensive to maintain a home for old horses. Therefore, these loving creatures are slaughtered and thrown as meat to the zoos and food for dogs.
6. Horses are not designed to pull weight thrice their own weight across the town in tough weather countries. Moreover, it is not natural for them to be a victim of these hard conditions.
7. Horses deserve a better treatment and a happy life. They should return to green pastures during their old age, particularly when they cannot run around and earn their living. Having cool and sumptuous grass under their feet is a treat they would love to enjoy.

As responsible citizens we have to recognize their hard work and allow them to live the rest of their lives with dignity. Sometimes horses are used for carriage rides to carry humans. Do not encourage such rides. You can spread the message by educating people and creating awareness on how to prevent horses from being misused as carriage animals and load bearers. If your city or town still support horse carriage rides, talk to your legislator and try to change the laws. Explain to them the evils of horse drawn carriages and plant humanity in every person you come across.

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