The Top 5 Horse Racing Racing Events That You Should Not Miss

Horse Racing: Creating A Flurry Of Excitement

Horse racing is an exciting event that draws huge crowds of diehard fans, spectators, and wagers from all over the world. Although horse racing is a prominent sport in many countries, some events are major crowd pullers. Spanning many countries across several continents, these horse racing events are long-standing traditions. They are worth watching just for the thrill and excitement they can generate.

We give you five of the most famous horse racing events from various countries around the world. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to see one of these events right from the spectator stand!

5 Famous Horse Racing Events To Add to Your Bucket List!

  • The Kentucky Derby, USA

In the USA, the Kentucky Derby is to horse racing like the Super Bowl is to baseball. It is the first leg of the US Triple Crown races held in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby has been around since 1875. Held every year in May, the race is known as the “two most exciting minutes in sports”. The length of the racing track is only one and a quarter miles long and the race is so fast that it takes only two minutes for a victorious winner to emerge. The race involves millions of dollars of wager money and is known to attract celebrities worldwide.

  • Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Paris

The mega horse racing event in France is a quick race with a 1.5-mile distance. The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe has been a significant attraction since 1920. Its affiliation with the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club attracts wealthy fans from many countries. The Arc, as it is fondly called, comes with significant prize money of 4 million Euros. The elegant and exciting race takes place on the Longchamp Racecourse that sits on the bank of the river Seine.

  • The Grand National, England.

The Grand National takes place in April at the Aintree Racecourse in England. It is known worldwide as the race, which is the “ultimate test for the horse and the racer.” The entire spectacle takes place over three days. The racing track is 4 miles long and studded with 30 obstacles. The grueling race is one of the toughest to beat, but the prize money of one million Euros is a major attraction.

Most significant Horse Racing Events In Australia And Asia

It is no surprise that horse racing managed to make its way across continents to become big in Australia and Asia. In Asia, the United Arab Emirates is the hub for horse racing, horse breeding, training, etc. The sport boasts an opulent fan club with extremely wealthy people in business who take horse racing very seriously.

  • The Melbourne Cup, Australia

The Melbourne Cup Carnival that takes place in November has a substantial international audience who attend the Carnival in customary hats. The 3,200 meters Thoroughbred race comes with prize money of $6.2 million. The Melbourne Cup Is famous for more reasons than one. The highly sponsored Fashions On The Field is an opportunity for the men and women to showcase their sartorial choices and win titles as the best-dressed people at the Carnival.

  • Dubai World Cup, UAE

The Dubai World Cup is a newcomer into the world of horse racing. The inaugural race held in 1996 at the Meydan Racecourse, made people sit up and take notice of the UAE. This horse racing event carries prize money of $10 million, making it one of the most opulent horse racing events in the world.

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