Tips To Assist Your Horse In Heat Stress Management

How to care for your horse in summer months?

As the weather is warm and nice, you may feel like going out for a ride on your horse. Before planning for an outing, ensure to see that your horse is also prepared. The horse requires certain care as the weather changes. There are several things you can perform to keep them comfortable and cool throughout the summer. If the temperature is high, then there are chances for the horse to undergo heat associated stress like heat stroke or dehydration. If you wish to avoid various complications, it is necessary to follow certain basic caring tips and practices.

It is important to ensure that the horse has sufficient access to clean water. Freshwater helps them remain hydrated and maintain their body temperature. If your race horses are working at 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, then they have to drink water two times an average horse consumes. But if it does not consume more, there are chances of salt block helping them to consume more.

Importance of sweating for race horses

It is common to feel uneasy and uncomfortable when it sweats. But sweating is healthy and helpful for the horse. It helps them cool down. If they do not sweat in hot weather, there are chances for them to get a dangerous medical condition called anhidrosis. It is a condition that affects horses when it experiences partial or complete inability to sweat.

Some of the common signs of anhidrosis are difficulty exercising, a dry coat, hair loss on the face, and panting. It is recommended to contact your vet immediately when you find these symptoms in your horse. It is a condition that cannot be cured. However, there are several things you can do to cool down a non-sweating horse.

How to maintain a walking schedule for your horse in the sun?

No person would prefer to spend long hours outdoors or under the sun. It is the same for horses. It is recommended to reduce the number of hours and rides in the evening or morning. This way, you can give a workout to a horse without stressing them. After you complete exercising the horse, ensure to cool by taking for a long walk, brushing away the extra water, and allowing them to stay under the fan.

It is important to take necessary precautions when trailering the horse during summer. There are chances for the trailers to get heated up instantly during the summer.

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