What Gives Race Horses The Extra Edge?

Race horses are the best of the breed with the best athletic capabilities put to use on a closed circuit. Horses often grow and live together with companions, siblings, or mates. They derive their winning edge from the motivation and comfort offered by their companions. Only in a positive environment, they can function fully and completely. Some ponies are outstanding supporters of these race horses and hence bring up their morales. The friendship gives the horses a better hope by preventing them from dulling down. As every race can take a toll on a horse’s health, the recovery happens physically as well as mentally, and they need that emotional support more than ever which can be fulfilled by a companion pony. At times, it is even possible to have dogs, chickens, sheep and goats to serve as companions for the race horses.

The Perfect Equine Companionship

Horses often accompanied by a pony are the happiest and cheerful buddies for life. They tend to support each other by lifting their spirits and having the most joyous of days. Some horses rely on the combination of their best buddies to help them stay cheerful. There have been race horses who depended on other companion horses, monkeys and dogs for friendship. Horses are in a way similar to humans, and they need another being to “be there.” It is such a beautiful thing indeed to watch and learn how these majestic creatures behave just like a family. When another horse is the companion for a race horse, it is often called the lead pony.

Help Your Race Horses Reach Their Full Potential

The lead ponies are attached to the race horse as they are walked through the race track and given enough confidence. Once they are independent of kicking away and taking speed, they are untethered from their companions and let go to reach better speeds and at lower anxieties. The race horses may get too nervous on the race track, and hence they need an anchor to pull them down to their point of focus. The companion ponies are the solution to this issue. Lead ponies run along with the race horses and give them a comforting “feel at home” environment. This allows for the betterment of their nature and behaviour, whether on the track or off of it.

The Companion Pony

Choosing and raising a companion pony is also a thing to be considered as important as growing your race horses. The lead ponies need to be trained to stay calm amidst all the chaos and energy that is imposed on the race track. Only then can they pass on their temperament to the race horses. If the race horses are stressed on the race day, the lead ponies are responsible to bring them to calm and focus, at the race track.

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