A Perfect Diet For High-Performance Race Horses And Jockeys

Healthy And Fit Race Horses

A horse race involves race horses and the jockey. The game of horse racing lasts for about 13 seconds. It is a very short yet thrilling event enjoyed by many across the globe. But to compete for this short duration of the race, the jockey and horse requires a lifetime of preparation. They need to stay in the best of shape to perform well in a race. The stakes are riding high on the best performing team. Bettors select the best team to place their bets. There are a lot of factors that make a bettor decide on a horse.

The performance of the horse on the race course, its speed, stamina and overall health are a few factors bettors research before placing the bet. The race horse needs to showcase its optimum performance in order to win a race. Health and fitness are vital and that can be achieved through a carefully administered diet and exercise routine. Like any other sports person, race horses require a high energy diet to fuel their performance during a race.

What Should Race Horses Eat And Drink?

Nutritional requirements of a race horse are focused more on providing maximum energy levels to complete a race. High energy foods can be classified into fast and slow-release energy food. A horse requires the combination of both to sustain and perform in a game. Another important dietary requirement for race horses is the adequate presence of adenosine triphosphate that will help in muscle contraction. It is required as horses train and exercise a lot before a race. Muscles use up adenosine triphosphate molecules to smooth muscle contractions. The body needs to store and optimize ATPs so the horse will not get tired during the race.

Glycogen and fat is another important component that fuels the energy for a horse. Glycogen is the main nutrient that fuels a horse during a race. Food rich in starch, protein, fibre and fat should be appropriate for high performance. A combination of hay, grass, and grains like oats, barley and corn would ensure they get the required nutrients to keep up their energy levels. Horses need to stay hydrated throughout the race. They require a minimum of 29 gallons of water on a race day. This will help them sustain fluid loss due to excessive sweating during a race.

Healthy And Fit Jockeys

A jockey also should adhere to a strict diet and training in order to compete in a horse race. Health and fitness of a jockey should be optimized for high performance. They must ensure a high protein diet to increase muscle mass. They must also avoid diets high in fat and carbohydrates. They must also stay away from calorie-rich food. Beverages like alcohol is also a strict no. During a race, they need to spike up their glucose level. This is achieved by having jelly based sweets during break and tea with sugar during mealtime.

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