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Essential facts one must know about racehorses

Horses have been man’s best friend since ages. People took pride in owning and displaying their horses as it was considered a matter of prestige and courage. Meticulously trained horses of superior breeds were engaged in leisure sports from the time civilizations were evolved. Horse racing is the one such sport that has roots in history. The legacy continues with thousands of proud owners across the globe, taking extreme pride in owning the best racehorses.

Betting on the best racehorses has been a favourite activity for horse enthusiasts because of the enormous economic gain involved- the most probable reason why superior race horses breeds are bred and tamed extensively. Multiple racehorse breeds available today, are groomed and prepared for various types of horse races across countries. Here is a brief preview about a few racehorse kinds.

Popular racehorse breeds

Though there are umpteen breeds of horses, not all of them are groomed for horse racing. The horse breeds used for horse racing are also known as thoroughbred racehorses. Thoroughbred horses are known for their speed, and agility that makes them perfect for horse racing. The racing horse breeds that we know today have their origins in 17 th and 18th centuries when native mares were crossbred with stallions of superior races such as Arabian, or Barb. Thoroughbreds have since been imported throughout the world and are increasingly engaged for horse racing. The excellent performances of thoroughbreds are attributed to their maximum exertion ability, which has also resulted in severe health problems in them. Following are some popular racehorse breeds used in horse racing.

Different types of racehorse breeds

Arabian horses

Arabian racehorses are one of the most famous racehorse breeds used in racing today. Originated in the Arabian peninsula, these breeds were used for breeding thoroughbred horses in the late 17th and early eighteenth century. Trade and wars further resulted in the spread of Arabian racehorse breeds all over the world. Arabian racehorses are known for their beauty, spirit, strength, intelligence and stamina.

Thoroughbred racehorses

Originated in England around the 17th century, these extensively used racehorse breeds were developed after native mares were bred with Barb, Arabian and Turcoman Stallions. Thoroughbred racehorses are currently the most coveted breeds opted for horse racing.

Quarter racehorses

These amazingly strong horse race breeds are one of the oldest horse breeds of America, predominantly used in quarter horse racing and hence, this name. Muscular and well built quarter horses have an exceptional speed of 88 km per hour, making it the perfect choice for short races. These racehorse breeds have small heads, broad chest and round hind quarrels.

Standardbred race horses

Standardbred racehorses are primarily used for harness race and fast trotting races. Also known as Trotter Pacer, these breeds originated in the United States and have a physical stat of 56-68 inch & a weight of 800-1000 pounds.

Painted racehorses

One of the popular breeds of racehorses, painted racehorses are extremely popular for their marking and excellent colour. These breeds are also well known for intelligence and refinement. Painted racehorses are used as show horses and in dressage training.

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