The Best Season For Horse Racing

Different Types Of Horse Races And Codes

Numerous horse races take place at different venues across the globe. People follow horse racing events and look forward to champion meets. Either as a fan of the sport or as a bettor, people eagerly follow the various seasons to take part and make a profit in this prolific sporting event. The profit may not be the same all throughout the year. It shifts every season and for every game. There are three different codes of horse racing based on several factors, namely, All Weather, Flat Turf and Jump.

At the beginning of the year, new horses are introduced for the flat turf events. The same horses participate for the Jumps as well. All Weather continues all through the year but declines during the summer. A bettor should have a keen eye on the different formats of the race to identify the right horse. It is a big risk. You may not know the outcome of the race and who will be the winner. You are not sure if you will get the money. It is an exciting and thrilling event where your decision can be tested and you could be rewarded with plenty of money.

Horse Races In Different Seasons

Flat turf horse races start off in the spring and reach their peak from mid-April till the beginning of October when there are around 60 to 120 meetings. This number dwindles by the end of the year. Flat turfs are the most popular code of race as it has the maximum number of meetings. There would be more than one race in a horse race meeting. Jump codes start off with a maximum of 65 meetings at the beginning of the year. This number steadily falls to 20 to 30 meets in the middle of the year and picks up by the end of the year.

All Weather codes may not be more in number but there is some event happening every month and the numbers remain stable throughout. There will be at least a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 55 meetings happening in any given month. Weather can turn the tables on the race. It can be disastrous for the bettors and the participants if the meeting is cancelled. Rain, frost, fog can delay the start times and play havoc on the whole meeting. Cancelled meetings will leave huge gaps between events which will disrupt the performance and the money flow.

Trading And Market Shift

You need to shift your mindset along with the seasonal changes and market trend. There is no way you can earn money in horse racing throughout the year. You might not be able to earn in summer and winter as much as you earn in spring. The meetings can be more in number but if the horses are new you may not be able to judge their performance immediately. You need to wait and watch to see how things turn out. The initial flat turf events can be challenging. You need to stay quiet and do your research. Choose to watch key meetings and focus on the day’s events. It can give you a lot of clues as to how to go about in your next meet.

You need to understand the changing trends in trading and use it to your liking. If you are a beginner, it will take some time, say, a year to catch on. Pareto principles work well for horse races as 20% of races will give you 80% of the profit.

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