From A Beginner To A Pro: How To Ace Horse Betting

Are You A Beginner? Know The Basics

Just like everything else, you cannot take the plunge without knowing the basics of horse racing bets, especially when it involves money. Horse betting is all about predicting your luck and believing in your odds.

Bets in horse racing come in three forms:

  • Win

Betting on the horse to win the race or cross the finishing line.

  • Place

Betting on the horse to come in the first or second place.

  • Show

Placing your bet on the horse to gain any one of the first three places.

As a beginner, it will be wise to place your bets on the place and show, so that you have a better winning chance.

Here are some of the basics that will get primed for your first time in the Grandstands:

  • Start small. Do not splurge before knowing the nuances of horse racing.
  • Place your bet on the favorite horse.
  • Know how to place your bets. Be precise with the teller at the betting window. You only need to let him know about the racetrack, race, amount of money, bet type, and horse number.
  • Your betting ticket is like a valuable lottery ticket. If your bet is in the money, you can exchange it for cash.

How To Take The Leap Into Becoming A Multi-Wager

Before you make the transition from a beginner to a multi-wager, you are bound to lose some money. But do not let that dampen your spirits. After all, horse betting is not only about making money. There’s the underlying thrill of beating the odds and becoming a veteran.

How can you polish your horse racing betting skills?

  • Please get to the root of all the details: the horse’s trainer, its bloodline, its previous track records, etc.
  • Look up the daily paper for all the latest news updates from the race track.

How To Optimize Your Chances Of Winning

If you are going to implement a single strategy, you are probably going to win a few bets only once in a while. The trick to improvise your winning strategy is to mix and match your bets. Here are the details:

  • Exacta: You pick the Win and the Place horses.
  • Quinella: Pick the first two horses in Win and Place.
  • Trifecta: You choose the first three finishing horses in Win, Place, and Show.
  • Daily Double: The winners of two consecutive races will be your choice.

Get going! Happy betting!

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