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Impressive horse racing events you should never miss

One of the oldest in sporting history, horse racing is a sport that has not undergone any significant changes over centuries. The event is held as a contest of speed between thoroughbred horses amidst a gallery of cheering crowds, monitoring equipment, and loads of money; a horse racing scenario is nothing short of grandeur. Even though modern times are witnessing shallow popularity for this sporting event, elite classes and horse enthusiasts are still indulging in the contest for their sheer love for horses and the glitz associated with the game. Betting on the fastest horses and the thrill is still visible in many major horse racing contests around the world. Here is a brief look into the history of horse racing and an overview of some legendary sporting events of all time.

Overview of horse racing sporting event

Horse Racing is an event that involves horses ridden by jockeys for stipulated distances. Two or more horses are made to participate in the game, and the fastest horse is declared the winner. However, the racing formats have considerable variations among different countries. These variations might involve regulating the races for particular breeds, or running over hurdles or even running on different track surfaces. Although horse races are typical sporting events, a majority of events involve gambling associated with it. An estimated $115,000 was raised in an event way back in 2008, which displays the grandeur incorporated in the game. Horse racing and betting over horses is done even on highly acclaimed sporting events like the Royal Ascot and the Dubai world cup. Following is a brief discussion about multiple events organized around the globe.

Top five horse races across the globe

Kentucky Derby

A tradition since 1875, Kentucky Derby is conducted on the first Saturdays of May every year that attracts a massive crowd of 1,50,000 at the Churchill Downs. The first leg of US Triple crown of thoroughbred racing is held only for a little distance of 1-1/4 miles has earned the event the name “The greatest 2 minute sport”. The bigwigs of showbiz also attend this high profile sporting event.

The Preakness Stakes

Triple Crown’s second leg, The Preakness Stakes is held on the third Saturday of May at Pimlico racecourse. Preeks Stakes events still carry on their long tradition of presenting the winner with Woodlawn vase, a trophy elegantly crafted by Tiffany, and also the horse is covered with Black-eyed Susan printed blankets. The tickets for the events are affordable, and spectators get the chance to witness other spectacles as well.

The Royal Ascots

A pompous event that has been part of British traditions since 1711 is conducted throughout a week comprising 16 group races. Attended by the royal family, the organizers enforce a strict dress code for all those attending the horse racing event. The events also accommodate various traditions such as the Royal Procession, Military bands, and of course, a plethora of food.

Dubai World Cup

Dubai World cup is one of the most opulent horse racing events that award prize money of $10 million for the lucky winner. Conducted on the swanky Meydan racecourse, the game can be watched from the grandstand or even from the suite room of the trackside hotel.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne cup has a long tradition of horse racing events dating back to 1861, which is attended by the who is who of the celebrity world. The 3200m racecourse is considered as the longest one for a horse racing event. Fashions of Field, a customary contest presided by wealthy sponsors and celebrity judges, also attracts a great number of spectators.

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